Smartchem 600


The new generation discrete analyzer.

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More productivity, lower running costs and better results

Lower running costs

The Smartchem range is the first discrete analyzers to utilize washable cuvettes with an integrated wash and control station,  which guarantee a lower running cost and reduced risk of contamination.

In addition to automated analysis the Smartchem 600 offers automated system Quality Control. It also provides reduced hazardous waste management cost, reduced volume of waste and low energy & water consumption. It’s a Green technology.

More Innovations 

The instrument offers a very high capacity of 200 samples with continuous loading, and barcode reading for samples & reagents. With the new capped tubes, you can run any type of samples without any problems. The caps will prevent evaporation and contamination. The Smartchem 600 utilizes a 6 mm or 10 mm Optical Path for increase accuracy.

New user friendly software

The Smartchem 600 is available with a new user-friendly operating software with intuitive access concept and touch screen approach, with the possibility of wireless control. Extremely flexible, it is designed for either keyboard or touchscreen. The software is bi-directional LIMS and EPA Nilac compliant.

Dedicated accessories

The Smartchem range is also the first discrete analyzers to utilize a patented, dedicated sample prep module for the determination of NOx by Cadmium reduction. The instrument provides also a pH,Conductivity and Redox module.

We propose a wide range of ready-to-use reagents dedicated to the Smartchem 600 for more productivity.

Main advantages

– 600 tests per hour

– 200 samples capacity with continuous loading

– Automatic startup and calibration routine

– Unlimited number of unattended tests

– Barcode reading for samples and reagents

– No disposable cuvettes

– Long-life cuvettes with integrated wash & control station

– Cadmium module for Nitrate analysis

– ISE module for pH, conductivity and redox analysis

– Capped tubes

– New software with touch screen

– Bi-directional LIMS ready

– Ready-to-use reagents

– Green technology

The Smartchem 600 provides:

– More Productivity

– Lower Running costs

– Better results


DESCRIPTIONFully automated, direct read, floor stand, random access, Discrete analyzer.ASSAY TYPEEnd Point, Kinetic, Differential, Bi chromatic assays up to 999 tests, fully programmable.ON-BOARD REAGENTSUp to 100 reagents can be loaded into the refrigerated compartment and distributed on:- 5 removable racks (8 main positions) + 5 satellites- 100/50/25/5 ml containers- Reagents barcode reading (option)SAMPLES LOADING- Up to 200 samples on board- 2 caroselli independent carousels hosting 20 racks of 10 positions each, for continuous sample loading- Cups and/or tubes of 10-13 mm (max height 100 mm)- Sample tube caps for sensitive application- Samples barcode reading (option)URGENT SAMPLE ANALYSISAllowed at any time.THROUGHPUTUp to 600 tests/hour including ISE (pH, conductivity, redox).READING SYSTEMDirect photometry.MINIMUM REACTION VOLUME180 μl.OPTICS SYSTEMPhotometer: direct reading with Reference channelWavelength: 12 available wavelengths from 340 nm to 880 nmOptical Path: 6 or 10 mmLinear range: 0.001 - 4.200 AbsSAMPLING SYSTEM- 3 sampling arms- 3 Shock sensors- 1 blockage sensor- 3 Capacitive liquid level sensors- 2 positions for stirrer/mixer- Automatic probe washing- Sample rerun with or without dilution- Limited water consumption (less than 7 liters/hour)DILUTORAutomatic dilution in pre and post-dilution.REACTION PLATE- 85 cuvettes divided into 5 racks- Automatic cuvette washing- Continuous monitoring of cuvette quality- Incubation temperature control at 37°C +/- 0,3- Separate waste lines to minimize hazard disposable- Use of washable cuvettes (Green technology)DIMENSIONS96 x 70 x 120 cm (W x D x H).WEIGHT115 Kg.OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES- ISE module for pH, conductivity & Redox- Nitrate module with new reductor- Barcode reader for reagents- Barcode reader for samplesCOMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS- Digestion system: Easy digest- Distillation system: Easy Dist- Ready to use reagents

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