Policy to change returns to ensure maximum benefits for customers when buying equipment and machinery at Rong Tien  Co., Ltd


Exchanged products if unused products Customers are entitled to change products to other products if the product is not used and must be checked and verified by the company’s technical staff. New products must have a value equal to or higher than the value of the exchanged product.

Returned items and refunds The company will exchange goods or return goods and refund customers with the following cases.

  • Commodities not in the right category and designs as you ordered.
  • Unqualified goods such as: expiry date, warranty, inoperable, objective failure within the warranty scope of suppliers, manufacturers, …

Conditions of acceptance for change of payment Customers are allowed to exchange new products of the same type when the product has a problem that cannot be solved (due to the manufacturer’s technical error). Defective products can only be exchanged after confirmation of the technology and comply with the following conditions:

  • Time to return and return goods within 01 day from the day you receive the goods (beyond the time on, we do not solve the change or return goods).
  • Goods identified as originating from Rong Tien (based on purchase invoices and delivery papers)
  • The goods are still in warranty seal
  • Goods received are not lost form (scratched, dented, yellowed, broken …)
  • Received goods must have full parts
  • Received goods must ensure full packaging and attached documents

In case of refusal to pay back:

  • Customers want to change categories and designs but not notified in advance.
  • Customers operate improperly instructions, causing damage to equipment and machines.
  • Customers affect the external situation such as torn packaging, peeling, breakage, …
  • For special goods, production according to orders (produced on demand) will not be returned.

Process of handling returns and return procedures:

  • Customers can contact directly at the company address on the website or contact (028.3816.4708) to check the product and make the payment procedure.
  • After having confirmed the technical error by the technical staff of the company, the exchange will be done in accordance with the provisions of the company and the company.

Cost for returning goods:

  • Free of charge for orders that must be returned due to the manufacturer’s fault.
  • Calculate shipping fees with other cases.

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