Terms in content:
Customers – Buyer: is called Party A
Rong Tien Trading Company Limited: is called Party B

Warranty period: 12 months free warranty due to the manufacturer’s error from the date of delivery of acceptance goods.

If a technical or quality error of the contract equipment is found not in accordance with the technical conditions of this contract, Party A has the right to request Party B’s warranty, the time will be calculated from the date of replacement. supplies – only applicable to each item of replacement supplies.

In order to prove that the requirements are warranted, Party A will send to Party B the error notice, these documents are the legal basis for Party A’s warranty. Within 8 hours, Party B will notify Party A of the results of the review of the reported errors. For minor errors, Party B is at its own expense, and must be remedied within 24 hours.

In the case of confirmation errors are correct, Party B is at its own expense, must be immediately but not later than 03 days from the date of Party A’s error message, proceed to replace and repair the defects until when perfect quality is achieved. Party B may also propose other remedies but must be approved in writing by Party A.

If the time is over, Party A has the right to take measures to remedy the error without consulting Party B. In that case, Party B must bear all costs related to the remedy of this error. Party A’s error notification documents will be sent to Party B by electricity, fax or email. The date of this document will be one of the bases for calculating the deadlines for compensation. When the repair or replacement of faulty equipment has been completed and the costs, losses, damages have been paid, that warranty is considered to be completely settled.

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