Inheriting and promoting the tradition of 20 years in the field of laboratory equipment supply, we are constantly updating and looking for famous equipment manufacturing partners in the world with new methods and technologies. bring customers quality and effective products. At the same time, help you save a lot of costs in terms of time, space, money and energy work.

we are honored to be a distributor of manufacturers as a below:


AMS Alliance is a corporation dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing instrumentation, reagents and tests for medical diagnostics, environment, food & beverage industries. AMS Alliance has manufacturing facilities in Europe and U.S.A. and markets its products via subsidiaries and a network of established distributors in 45 countries.


The Brookfield brand has been considered the world standard in viscosity measurement and control of liquids and semi-solids for more than 85 years. Our Texture Analyzer has also gained a reputation for being the ideal tool for tension and compression testing.   And our Powder Flow Tester is fast becoming the favorite for its quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment.  We have an excellent global support system with regional offices in the UK, China, Germany and India as well as a network of training representatives and dealers


In 1978, a group of engineers from Motorola discovered a lack of advanced moisture analysis technology for quality control and decided to take action. They promptly designed and released the MA-1 moisture analyzer. When the group parted ways with Motorola in 1981, the MA-1 became the first Computrac® moisture analyzer.

Since then, the Computrac® line has expanded and matured. It now consists of moisture analyzers that rely on two principles of operation: loss on drying (LOD) and a moisture specific, reagent-free Karl Fischer alternative.


As the leading particle sizing instruments manufacturer in China in terms of brand reputation, sales volume and, most importantly, qualities, Bettersize spare no efforts on R&D each year. We offer a variety of products from basic to advanced research equipment, deliver precise analysis of materials from nanometer to millimeter, and assist scientists and engineers to understand material properties, facilitate research, and improve production efficiency.

Focused on technology innovation, product manufacturing, application research, and after sale service, Bettersize is making the particle size analyzers of China enter into the international advanced ranks.


The family-owned company Boeckel + Co (GmbH + Co) KG was founded in 1929 and now exists in the third generation.

To our costumers in all 5 continents we are pleased to introduce our first general BOECO catalog wich will demonstrate our complete line of laboratory equipment and articles.
We offer high quality at competitive prices by a convenient and cost-effective one-stop supply.


Charles Ischi AG – Testing Technology, Switzerland

global sales and services for Kraemer & Ischi products – since 1992.

“Charles Ischi Pharma-Prüftechnik” began in 1992 as a single company whose aim was to acquire customers from the local pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland. The company was soon able to develop its own sales network throughout Europe and in the Middle East. Charles Ischi, the owner and Managing Director, converted it into a joint stock corporation in 2000.

Today, Charles Ischi AG operates successfully in international markets selling products of Kraemer Elektronik GmbH and Charles Ischi AG. The excellent teamwork between the two companies ensures that the joint development and implementation of numerous customer-specific projects works so well. The sales and service network is being expanded all the time. Around 55 representative offices are currently active all over the world. Connections around the globe emanate from the company’s headquarters in Zuchwil, in the central Swiss canton of Solothurn – almost in the heart of Europe. It is from here that Charles Ischi AG coordinates the global sales network and maintains contact with long-standing and new customers

CHOPIN Technologies

For nearly 100 years, CHOPIN Technologies, a subsidiary of KPM Analytics, has specialized in methods and equipment for ensuring the quality of cereal, flour and related products.

We offer products and services for professionals in the cereal industry to aid in performing analyses in order to meet the requirements, regulations and specifications of customers.

Our equipment is manufactured in France and is distributed throughout the world via a network of 60 distributors who are specifically chosen for their expertise in the cereal industry.

An innovative company, we dedicate 10% of our revenue to research and development. This practice benefits our customers through the creation of solutions and services that are often unique in the cereal industry and adaptable to each stakeholder and customer according to their needs.


OMETECH Testing Machine is established in July, 1994, main business items are material testing machineabrasion testing machineimpact testerrelated gripsof accessories and customized testing machine;besides, we offer OEM service and developing activities on tester specialized electronic controsl system. Our products are suitable for industries including plastic and rubber, tape, electronics, packaging, paper, metal, building materials industries…

Eutech Thermo Scientific

Eutech Instruments is a leading ISO9001-certified company established in 1990. Dedicated to the design and manufacture of sensor-based instruments for water quality analysis, Eutech is a pioneer in the development of ASIC-based (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) instruments, and is internationally recognised for its achievements in sensor technology, software programming and product design. Eutech has an extensive product line, which includes the world’s first Windows® CE-driven colour touchscreen research-grade bench meter.


All of our products—Refrigerated Circulators, Heated Circulators, Chillers, Recirculating Coolers, Water Baths, and Custom Equipment—are designed and developed by a highly trained engineering team in the U.S.A. to our own rigid standards as well as ISO 9001 quality requirements. After five decades, we’re no longer a startup. But the passion for innovation, commitment to quality, and unmatched user-focus continue to drive our enthusiasm for designing and manufacturing superior products. Making us your perfect partner for liquid temperature control.


Index Instruments have been making refractometers since 1975 and offer a wealth of experience in this specialised field of scientific instrumentation. We spend a high portion of our turnover in a programme of continuous reseach and development to improve and innovate our products.

OA (Optical Activity)

Specialising in the Design and Manufacture of Polarimeters for over 40 years. Supplying the Confectionery, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Essential Oils, Agriculture, Education and the Sugar Industries.


We supply a full range of Tubular and Plate UHT/HTST models for a wide variety of products with holding tubes manufactured to any time that our customers require. Our range starts from the simple Mini UHT@ 10 to 20  litre per hour, the Econo-Lab series @ 20 to 60 litre per hour, through to the bigger machines at up to 200 litre per hour for Pilot Plant. Larger production UHT Heat Exchangers which start as small as 500 litre per hour. All are available with either Plates, Tubes or Scraped Surface models. The small range up to 100 litre per hour does not require any steam, they are very compact and all contained in a mobile stainless steel cabinet for easy moving.


Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of high quality and innovative constant temperature equipment to the global market. Major product lines include incubators, humidity test chambers, ovens, water and bead baths, and anaerobic chambers for the life science, pharmaceutical, biomedical, environmental and industrial markets. Sheldon Manufacturing markets a complete line of products under the SHEL LAB, BACTRON,  Lab Armor, Cascade TEK, HighPoint, and Visu brands, which complement our OEM manufacturing capabilities.


Late 2017 British company Sheen Instruments was acquired by TQC BV of The Netherlands.

Sheen Instruments has a history of over 70 years being manufacturers of laboratory equipment for the paint industry. TQC is a Dutch manufacturer of paint test equipment renowned for their innovative approach and ground breaking developments.

TQC Sheen is headquartered in The Netherlands where the company’s production, logistics, application lab and R&D centre are housed near the city of Rotterdam. The TQC Sheen group has sales offices in Germany, the UK, Norway, USA, Italy, Singapore and South Korea and a network of dedicated distributors around the globe.

Unity Scientific

Unity Scientific, a KPM Analytics company,  is a leading provider of near infrared (NIR) analysis instrumentation, automated wet chemistry analyzers and grain rheology equipment. Our products are designed for superior quality, intuitive operation, and reliable performance and are relied on daily by global companies large and small to improve process control and increase production efficiency.

Unity Scientific is headquartered in Milford, MA USA with another direct sales office in Weiler bei Bingen, Germany.  Our employees have deep knowledge in designing, manufacturing and supporting our technologies and average over 20 years in this field. Unity Scientific products are also supported and distributed by over 50 trained and experienced distributors worldwide. For a global map of our distributors, please see Global Representatives.


Stablished in 1983, VELP Scientifica is today a growing provider of analytical instruments and solutions that has made an impact on the world-wide market with Italian products renowned for innovation, style and premium materials.

VELP is a reliable partner for the development of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories, universities, research centers and companies involved in scientific research.

VELP Scientifica owes its success to a rich patrimony of ideas, conspicuous investments in R&D and ongoing technological development aimed at maximizing productivity and product differentiation and reducing the time-to-market.

Hotline: 0916334243