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Infraneo | Chopin Technologies


Multi-purpose infrared whole and powdered grain analyzer

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Infraneo | Chopin Technologies

Multi-purpose infrared whole and powdered grain analyzer


  • The Infraneo analyzer features the latest generation grating monochromator.
  • Coupled with SAM (Self Adjustment of Monochromator) technology, it achieves levels of stability and precision that are unparalleled in hardware of this type (requires self-adjustment after transportation).
  • Thanks to the PLS open calibration system, trained users are free to develop or refine their own calibrations.
  • Combining durability with suitability for a wide range of applications, the Infraneo is perfectly attuned to the requirements of grain elevators, millers and bakers.


  • Effective control of all stages of the milling process. Verification of commercial transactions.
  • Control the grains quality: proteins, moisture, Specific Weight, and more.


  • A single device to analyze whole grains, flour, brans and other powdered products including semolina, couscous, and bulgur.
  • Wide range of pre-set calibrations included.
  • Multilingual interface.


  • Results are generated in 60 seconds, no matter how many parameters are measured.
  • Self-adjusting measuring cell (wheat, corn, canola, flour).
  • Export and use of results in Excel to simplify data processing.


  • The measuring system uses a high quality monochromator and transmittance technology, in conjunction with robust calibrations, to ensure precise results.
  • Durable hardware and stable performance over time thanks to SAM (Self Adjustment of Monochromator) technology.
  • Can be networked with NIR analyzers (standardization).
  • Protection from dust and humidity.
  • Integrated cleaning system.
  • Results generated independently of temperature.
  • Storage of up to 100,000 saved analyses for permanent monitoring.

Reduced maintenance requirements

  • User-serviceable, easy-to-change lamp.
  • Remote maintenance function, enabling CHOPIN Technologies to maintain the device remotely.

Modular design

  •  A specific weight module or an authorized Aqua-TR humidimeter complements the results obtained.
  • Available integration with the GESTAR automated on-receipt inspection system.

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