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UHT MK-II sterilizer Used to create clean products meeting food hygiene and safety standards. It is used to sterilize liquids such as soft drinks, green tea, C2, fish sauce ..

Working Principle:

POWERPOINT INTERNATIONAL (P2K) designed the MK-II System to work on the principle of wall-to-wall heat exchange. The product flow is increased to 120 degrees by the high pressure steam vapor temperature so that the bacteria are completely destroyed. UHT MK-II sterilizer can achieve output product temperature without the need for a cooling device.

Features UHT MK-II sterilizer:

Máy tiệt trùng UHT MK-II

        UHT Heat Exchanger Econo-Lab MK II

 Tube or table heat exchanger
 A standard capacity sterilizer series. can be used for both laboratory and production.
 Capacity from 20 to 100 liters per hour at a maximum of 150 degrees Celsius
 Use high quality stainless steel materials.
 Pressure up to 10 bar.
 Compact and free of large space in the laboratory, easy to operate and use.
 Funnel level sensor with extra automatic water is easy to clean after finishing the process.
 2 boiler systems using thermoelectric elements.
 Complies with the latest European safety standards and CE markings.
Động Automatic system, only need power supply, water supply system and exhaust pipe.
 The machine is designed to ensure safe operation and minimize risk to the extent possible.
 Computer interface allows temperature control and remote monitoring.

Technical Information:

Width1300 mm or 1500mm
Depth950 mm
Heater circulator units2x6kW or  2×8.1kW or 2x10kW
Mains water minimum8 Ltr per minute
Power3 phase 380V, 20 Amp, 50/60 Hz, 13 KW.

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