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Incubators Microbiological SMI6 Shellab


SMI6 SHEL LAB Microbiological Incubator is 5.9 cubic feet (166 L). This unit is perfect for general cell culture and constant temperature applications.

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Incubators Microbiological SMI6 Shellab


Incubators Microbiological SMI6 Shellab is 5.9 cubic feet (166 L). This unit is perfect for general cell culture and constant temperature applications.

Incubators Microbiological SMI6 Shellab

The SHEL LAB Microbiological Incubator Series has been redesigned for optimum performance. Ranging in size from 2 to 11.7 cubic feet (57 to 331 liters), the SMI Series will fit any workspace.

NEW – Touch Screen

Significantly updating SHEL LAB’s General Purpose Incubators, the new 7-inch display provides advanced control functions. With on-screen graphing and real-time data, the new SMI controller provides the highest levels of sample security and traceability.

More features of the new SMI incubators include:

  • 7” color display module
  • Capacitive touchscreen usable with laboratory gloves
  • Real-time clock for logging events
  • Door alarm
  • On-screen data graphing
  • 4-20ma output for chart recorder or central facility recording
  • Interior outlet
  • Viewing door
  • Stainless steel interior
  • 24 month limited warranty

MI Series SHEL LAB Incubators  Features and Benefits

Incubators Microbiological SMI6 Shellab

Applications SMI Series SHEL LAB Incubators:
• Hematological Studies
• Microbiological Determinations
• Pharmaceutical Stability Assays
• Bacterial Culturing and Research
• Food Processing Quality Control
• Biochemical Studies

SMI Series SHEL LAB Incubators Performance
SMI Microbiological Incubators • 2
SHEL LAB SMI Incubators are available in 100-120V or 220-240V
Heating – SMI Incubators rely on natural heat radiation for heating.
These units can achieve ambient room temperature plus 8°C to 70°C.
Over Temperature Limit system – The OTL is a mechanical heating cutoff included with each incubator and operates independently of the incubator microprocessor temperature controller. The OTL helps safeguard the incubator by preventing runaway heating in the event of hardware failures or a sudden external heat spike.

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