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  • Digital bursting strength tester QC-116A

Digital Bursting Strength Tester QC-116A


Digital bursting strength tester QC-116A from Cometech is the line of digital display, manual measurement of podium. Applicable to all kinds of 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer carton packaging or used to determine the level of leather, fabric. QC-116A model is equipped with D1 controller displayed by data touch screen and time graph.

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Application digital bursting strength tester QC-116A: measuring pulp, fabric, film, …

The concept of Digital bursting strength tester QC-116A :

  • Bursting strength: is the maximum pressure that the paper can withstand before tearing when impacted in a straight line with the horizontal plane of the test piece.

  • Unit of measuring the bursting of love paper by kPa
  • Calculate the pulp level using the following formula.

Burst index = bursting strength / basis weight

  • Unit index is: kPa * m2 / g (Or lf Kgf / Cm2)
  • The measurement is given in ISO 2758, for the paper cover is ISO 2759

Introduction Digital bursting strength tester QC-116A

Máy đo độ bục giấy QC-116

digital bursting strength tester QC-116

Specifications digital bursting strength tester QC-116A:

ModelQC-116(low pressure)Textile
Test speed95 ± 5 ml/min98 ± 4 ml/min
Pressure displayD1 Control touch panel
Max. Capacity (kg/cm²)75kg/cm2
Diameter of clamping (Upper plate)30.5 ± 0.05mm30.5 ± 0.05mm
Diameter of clamping (Lower plate)33.1 ± 0.05mm30.5 ± 0.05mm
Dimension53  ×  33 × 58 cm
Weight(around)60 kg
PowerSingle phase, 110-240VAC, 5A


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