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Test Kit JINGXIN®Fetal Chromosome Aneuploidy (T21, T18, T13)


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JINGXIN® Fetal Chromosome Aneuploidy (T21, T18, T13) Testing Kit (Semiconductor Sequencing)

Safe, Fast and Accurate Testing Technique for Noninvasive Fetal Chromosome Aneuploidies


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Test kit Through analyzing cell-free fetal DNA in maternal peripheral blood plasma, JINGXIN® Fetal Chromosome Aneuploidy (T21, T18, T13) Testing Kit (Semiconductor Sequencing) can accurately detect fetal chromosome aneuploidy diseases (trisomy-21, trisomy-18 and trisomy-13 syndromes). The validation studies using 100,000 clinical samples have been completed. Compared with the analysis results of karyotyping, the accuracy reaches up to 99.9%. The kit has obtained CFDA Medical Device Registration Certificate (Medical Device Registration Certificate No.: National Instrument Registration Permit 0153400300) in Feb. 2015.

Kit Features

Enrichment of Cell-free Fetal DNA
Test kit

The increase of cell-free fetal DNA concentration (referred to as the fetal concentration) in maternal plasma from the average 13% as reported in the literature to 30% as achieved by our innovative experimental technique greatly improves the accuracy.

Determination of Cell-Free Fetal DNA Concentration

Test kitRemoval of the maternal genomic DNA interference from maternal plasma samples through the innovative bioinformatics method can allow accurate determination of both male and female fetal concentrations.

Accurate Results

More than 100,000 cases of clinical samples have verified that the testing accuracy is above 99.9%.

Broad Applicability

The kit may not only apply to chromosome aneuploidy testing but also support chromosomal microdeletion/microduplication testing.

Test Kit cung cấp bao gồm:

Sequenced Sample SizePI chip: 50~60 samples/time PII chip: 50~60 samples/time
Sequencing Times2~3 times/day
Average Sequencing Read Length>160bp
Number of Specific Fragments4M±20%/sample
Accuracy> 99.9%
Reporting Cycle 3 working days

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