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BACTRON chambers allow efficient and dexterous, glove-free handling and inspection of samples. Advanced, ergonomic arm port design ensures comfort and minimizes user fatigue during extended working sessions in the chamber.

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About Anaerobic Chambers Shellab (BACTRON Anaerobic/Environmental Chambers)

Glove-Free, Sample Handling

BACTRON chambers allow efficient and dexterous, glove-free handling and inspection of samples. Advanced, ergonomic arm port design ensures comfort and minimizes user fatigue during extended working sessions in the chamber.

Variety of Models

With four model sizes available, users can choose a BACTRON unit that best fits their capacity and workspace needs. The quality and reliability for BACTRON units offer cost savings and eco-friendly solutions over the disposable-type sample handling.

Improved Productivity

Research and clinical laboratories that are handling even small volumes of anaerobic samples may save substan- tial amounts of time and money by using permanent workstations rather than disposable pouches and jars. With anaerobic chambers, productivity is further improved by an up to 50% reduction in sample turnaround time.


Construction BACTRON chambers are constructed with heavy-duty, stainless steel components to ensure chamber integrity and rigid acrylic glass front walls offer an unobstructed view of the interior workspace. The stainless steel airlock slide and workstation floor can withstand significant wear and tear while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing, clean finish.

Full Third Party Safety Certification

All BACTRON chambers carry full third party safety compliance certificates. Our chambers meet EN61010, UL61010, and CAN/CSA61010 standards. These units also carry a CE marking

Anaerobic Chambers Shellab – Anaerobic Conditions for Microbiology and Cell Biology

Anaerobes are organisms that can grow without oxygen. Some can live when oxygen is present (facultative) and some cannot tolerate even a trace of oxygen (strict or obligatory). Anaerobes are very prevalent, many are part of the normal human flora, and make up an estimated 50% of Earth’s biota. Dozens of common infections are either exclusively anaerobic or are mixed aerobic/anaerobes. Some obligatory anaerobes may cause serious infections such as tetanus, gas gangrene, or botulism (through tainted food products). Therefore, isolation and identification of anaerobes are very important in clinical diagnoses and research, and in commercial processes such as canning, bottling (e.g. beer and other fermented beverages), and food fermentation. BACTRON anaerobic chambers have made a strong name for themselves over the past twenty years as more and more labs have realized the cost savings in moving from vacuum jars or bags to anaerobic workstations.

BACTRON anaerobic and environment chambers provide glove-free handling of samples with a consistent, oxygen-free environment that promotes faster sample turnaround. Modular equipment within the chamber facilitates the completion of basic workflow procedures from unpacking of materials to inoculation, incubation, inspection, and recovery

Anaerobic Chambers Shellab – BACTRON Applications:

  • Clinical Microbiology
  • Microbiome Studies
  • Susceptibility Assays
  • Fermentation and Spoilage Studies
  • Food Microbiology
  • Bio-Energy Research
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Anaerobic Bacteriology

Anaerobic Chambers Shellab

Anaerobic Chambers ShellabFeatures and Benefits

Technology is constantly evolving so we kept the features that make the

BACTRON an industry leader and upgraded others to maximize efficiency.

Here are a few ways BACTRON is the right fit for your process:

  • Low Gas Supply Alarm

– New audible and visual alarm notifies user that the AMG supply is low.

– Operators can change the cylinder while the chamber

 atmosphere stays anaerobic.

  • Integrated Vacuum Pump

– Quieter operation.

– Eliminates vacuum pump connections during installation.

  • 60% Faster Airlock Cycle

– The biggest airlock on the market is now the fastest, getting

 samples into the chamber 2X faster than before.

  • Auto-Sleeve Cycle with Integrated HEPA Filter

– No more guesswork or operator variation; automated ultra-efficient

 sleeve cycles with one press of the foot switch.

  • Integrated Internal Regulators

– Protect all the internal components from incorrect cylinder settings.

– Ensure consistent and reproducible gas

 delivery to all chamber processes.

  • Inner Door Lock

– “Smart” lock prevents airlock opening during aerobic conditions.

– Prevents operator error and introduction of oxygen to critical


  • 40% Faster Sleeve Cycle

– Reduce operator waiting time.

  • Faster Installation

– BACTRON installation in as little as 30 minutes.

– “Plug and Play” installation with integrated connections.

  • User Adjustable Airlock Cycling

– Customize your airlock cycle to fit your time and budget.

– Do you need precision or are you just in a hurry?

 Pick from 3, 4 or 5 auto cycle iterations.

  • Auto-Commissioning Cycle

– The single button auto-commissioning cycle automatically

 creates an anaerobic atmosphere; press the button

 and walk away while the chamber becomes anaerobic.

  • Easy-to-Access, Replaceable HEPA Filters

– Protect your internal atmosphere with HEPA filters on incoming

 gas supplie

  • Sleeve Cuffs

– Comfortable, sleeve cuff seals around operators arm to permit

 barehanded manipulation of specimens in the chamber. Elimination

 of bulky gloves makes work comfortable and efficient.

  • Arm Port Doors

– Unique ergonomic design reduces fatigue for the user.

 Sealed, access doors are removed when entering the working

 anaerobic chamber. The doors are kept on holders inside the chamber

 while the user’s arms are inserted into the sleeves. Operator replaces

 and seals the doors when leaving the chamber, thus closing the

 system and maintaining a strict anaerobic environment.

  • Sliding Shelves

– Shelf inside the airlock module slides into the chamber and makes

 loading of materials and samples easier.

  • Oxygen Catalyst and Humidity Controls

– .The anaerobic chamber atmosphere circulates through a condensate

 removal system and then through a catalyst that eliminates any

 trace amounts of oxygen.

  • Pressure Controls

– The chamber is equipped with an automatic pressure control

 that provides positive pressure at approximately 0.5 inches

 of water column pressure. The internal manometer provides a clear

 view of the pressure level.

  • Revolving Shelves

– BACTRON600 and 900’s large incubator contains revolving shelves

 for efficient and convenient use of storage space.

  • External Lights

– Ultra-bright LED light fixture illuminates chamber interior.

 (Sold separately for BACTRONEZ)

BACTRON Specifications

Anaerobic Chambers Shellab Anaerobic Chambers Shellab

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