August 15, 2019

Advanced analyzer solutions from 4 companies | KPM Group

AMS Alliance, Unity Scientific, Process Sensors and CHOPIN Technologies to showcase advanced analyzer solutions at Achema 2018.

Frankfurt, Germany, (11 June, 2018) – AMS Alliance, Unity Scientific, Process Sensors and CHOPIN Technologies, all KPM Analytics companies, will present their advanced analyzer solutions for food, environmental and agricultural applications at Achema 2018, Hall 4.2 Booth A47 in Frankfurt, Germany, 11 – 15 June. Used for process and quality control in pharmaceutical, food & beverage, biochemistry and other materials processing applications, the solutions can monitor and improve product quality, help maintain brand integrity, archive data, and reduce costs.

AMS Alliance will be presenting the new Smartchem 450 high versatility discrete analyzer. This fully automated, direct read, discrete analyzer maximizes productivity for routine and special chemistries at a very low running cost. Multi-parameter analyses can be made on a variety of samples at up to 450 tests/hour making the Smartchem 450 our most versatile discrete analyzer. The new software package makes it easy to set up chemistries and test parameters. Ready-to-use reagents are also available. The Smartchem 450 is ideal for medium throughput analysis in the environmental, water and/or commercial laboratory markets.
AMS will also feature the new Futura 3 Continuous Flow Analyzer (CFA) UV-Vis spectrometer for automated, simultaneous analysis of multiple parameters on up to 16 parallel channels. The Futura 3 offers fully integrated automation technology, modularity, and a new analytical software package. The Futura 3 is ideal for dedicated analysis of parameters in the environmental, water and beverage markets.

Unity Scientific will be demonstrating the SpectraStar XT Analyzer. With the best performance in the industry, the XT is a robust, easy-to-use NIR analyzer for both laboratory and at-line environments in the food, agricultural and ingredient markets. The XT includes patented TRUE ALIGNMENT® Spectroscopy technology which automatically aligns the instrument to reference standards – keeping it in peak accuracy.
The SpectraStar XT produces accurate, repeatable results in 30 seconds, measuring moisture, fat, protein, total sugar and other properties from samples at any stage of the process. The XT is available in ready-to-use analyzer packages for many applications, pre-configured with robust calibrations and sample handling accessories for plug-and-play operation. All SpectraStar XTs are manufactured at Unity Scientific’s global headquarters in Milford, MA USA.

Unity Scientific recently received a 2018 Manufacturing Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan for Engineering and Production Technology Leadership. Unity Scientific’s winning SpectraStar project uses advanced, patented and patent-pending techniques to manufacture a line of complex, high precision NIR spectrophotometers for laboratory and at-line use. For more information on the Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Awards, please see .

Process Sensors Corporation (PSC) will feature the MCT466-SF, a rugged on-line NIR analyzer for measuring moisture and fat or protein, with a stainless-steel housing designed for the demanding environments of food and bulk processing facilities. The MCT466-SF is suitable for wash down conditions and can withstand ambient temperatures up to 80ºC. An optional stack alarm enables users to detect out-of-spec product and make immediate adjustments to reduce waste.
PSC will also demonstrate the QuikCheck laboratory and at-line analyzer for immediate measurement of moisture and fat/oil in grab samples. The QuikCheck stores up to 100 unique product calibrations, offering users the ability to quickly test samples from multiple processing lines within minutes.

CHOPIN Technologies will be showcasing their Mixolab 2 analyzer, which determines the characteristics of dough – as well as the quality of starch and protein – during mixing. The Mixolab 2 provides millers and bakers with rapid information relating to starch quality and the conformity of flours, enabling consistent quality production. The CHOPIN Mixolab 2 is also ideal for the development of high-quality gluten-free products. Measuring the rheological behavior during mixing, baking, and proofing, the Mixolab 2 enables the selection of the best raw materials and ingredients to optimize wheat-based and gluten-free product production.

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